• Where is KAB Strategy Ltd.registred and licensed?-

      KAB Strategy Limited (License Number.058/05 Registration Number.HE 165975)is a licensed and regulated financial institution under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission,authorized to operate within all member states of the Europen Union(EU) operating within MiFID requirements.For more information.
    • How to trade through KAB?+

      1.Choose the investment product with the help of our investment consultant
      2.Open the account and you will receive the account No. and password.
      3.Deposit the fund, then you can trade though either by internet or phone calls.
    • What is the minimum investment amount?+

      We provide 5 main types of investment types, which consist of more than 40 types of investment products. The minimum investment amounts for different investment products are different. For example, precious metal, the initial margin for one lot of standard contract is US$ 1,000. We also provide 0.1 lot of mini-contract that initial margin is US$ 100. For more details, please contact our customer service .
    • Is our investment protected?+

      We understood that investors concern their investments. KAB Strategy (Cyprus) Limited (License Number: 058/05 Registration Number: HE 165975) is a licensed and regulated financial institution under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, operating within all member states of the European Union (EU)

      All our investments provided by KAB subsidiaries are authorized and regulated by the below 4 investment regulatory bodies. They are:

      The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society Membership No. : 009 The Securities and Futures Commission CE No. : ALF683 The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Broker No. : 0959 The Kuwait Chamber of Finance Registered No. : 119872
      Besides, client's investments and fund are independent and separated from company's account. Both are independent of each other which make better protection.
    • What are the transaction costs?+

      The transaction costs include the spread and the commission. Also, some investment products may entitle or pay interest according to the requirement of the regulatory bodies if clients not settle in the same day. For more details, please contact our customer service .
    • Is KAB online platform stable?+

      We offer clients a fast and steady platform : 1.Trading by just a click: The quoting system inside trading platform is real time, not a reference price. Clients can buy or sell by just simply click the price box. It prevents inputting a wrong price in the system
      2. Trading anytime and anywhere: With safe and stable trading mode, clients can trade smoothly and safely in a steady platform anytime.
      3.User-friendly interface: Simple and neat look and design, it helps prevent operation errors.
    • Account opening instructions+

      Our consultants are willing to help you to open the account, you can simply submit the following documents:
      Account application form
      ID/ Passport copy
      Account agreement (Duplicate copies)
      We commit that we can open the account within one working day since received all above documents.
    • Fund Deposit/ Fund Withdrawal+

      Fund Deposit:
      Clients are required to deposit the fund into our bank account. Before that, you have to convert the fund into respective currencies and transfer to our account via bank. Normally, the fund will be received in 1 to 3 days.
      Fund Withdrawal:
      Clients are required to fill the withdrawal form and then send to us by fax or email. After we received the form, we will transfer the fund to client in one day. Normally, clients can receive the fund in 1 to 3 days.
      (Generally, both deposit and withdrawal will need around 3 to 4 business days for processing, depending on the settlement procedure and speedy of your local banks. For the detail, please contact with your local banks.)
    • Are the investments involved high risk?+

      The risks are different in all investment products. However, you can control the risks by your own investment strategy. Normally, the more the fund deposit in the investment account, the higher the risk you can bear. In addition, our company provides margin reminder and auto settlement functions which can control the existing risks and give you a reminder or warning if your investments are in adverse situation. These help out investors to make a wise decision at once.
    • Is it hard to read the investment research reports?+

      We had set up our research team in Kuwait, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We provide different investment research reports to different investors in these regions. Clients can access them in our website. Beside, clients can also post our reports in various major financial websites in China such as Hexun, QQ Finance, FX168, Webstocks, CNFOL and CFi. Moreover, we will publish our research reports in one major financial papers in Kuwait called “Al Qabas”. This information is readily available in the website and papers.

    Where is KAB Strategy Ltd.registred and licensed?