KAB offers two main state of the art, reliable and secure platforms where you can execute your trades online.

HK/China Securities Trading Platform

KAB HK/China Securities Trading Platform enables clients to access and manage their accounts, as well as execute trades in Hong Kong Stock Exchange Securities securely and real-time, online, anywhere in the world they might be. Functions & Features include:

-   Online order status monitoring

-   Standing order

-   Block trade (> 600 lots)

-   Hong Kong eIPO

-   Real Time Price Feeds

KAB MT4 Platform

The KAB MT4 Platform is a cutting-edge platform designed to provide all the necessary tools and resources to trade FOREX, CFDs and Futures online. Features include:

-   Powerful analytical tools

-   Real-time graphs and current portfolio holdings

-   Intelligent and multi-trading functions

-   Variety of financial products, including currencies, metals, energy and indices

-   Fixed Spreads

-   Mini and Standard Lots

Join the ever growing, active and liquid FOREX, Commodities, and CFDs market and trade a diverse portfolio of products using our MT4 online platform.